Gardermoen Airport Bridge

The Norwegian Airport at Gardermoen had to create a temporary bypass to keep the traffic from and to the Arrivals going, when reconstructing a concrete fly-over.

For the Norwegian Statens Vegvesen, we have installed a temporary bridge in one of the supply roads to the airport terminal in the Norwegian capital Oslo.


Janson Bridging has supplied 10 elements 21 meters long and 2.1 meters wide for this site, including a specially made triangular corner element. Janson Bridging took care of the design of the superstructure, the pre-assembly and the transport. Statens Vegvesen installed the bridge.


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Détails du projet

Pont à poutres
Traffic bridge
Longueur totale du pont
105 m
Largeur de la route
4,2 m
Poids propre
250 tn
Nombre de travées
Date d'installation
December 2014
Date de démantèlement
September 2015
Longueur pont
5 x 21 m
Pont à poutres