Grønland footbridge

In the city of Drammen, Norway, another passage of the existing railroad tracks was required during the works of Bane Nor. They are planning the construction of 10 km of double-track from Drammen to Kobbervikdalen, as part of the ongoing modernization of the Vestfold Line. The project is complex, with extensive civil works, multidisciplinary technical railways works, and a number of demanding construction phases.






Janson Bridging was asked by the SVV to design and deliver a temporary footbridge to cross three railroad tracks with a temporary bridge.
Janson Bridging has provided the footbridges, including ramps, platforms and special provision for sheeting and lightposts.



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Détails du projet

Pont piétonnier
Longueur totale du pont
216 m
Largeur de la route
3 m
Poids propre
216 t
Nombre de travées
Charge de conception
5 kN/m²
Pont piétonnier