Moss pedestrian bridge

The Norwegian road authority Statens Vegvesen has installed a pedestrian bridge in a park in Moss, to replace an existing pedestrian bridge.

This allows pedestrians and bicyclers to make the crossing over the Mosseelva river for a nice walk or bike ride through the area. Statens Vegvesen uses a panel bridge system, supplied by Janson Bridging.

The bridge uses standard modules, which means that various lengths can be made with standard elements. The customer has opted for a bridge with a total length of 36 meters, so 12 sections of three meter.

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Détails du projet

Pont piétonnier
Longueur totale du pont
36 m
Largeur de surface de roulemen
2,5 m
Dimensions modulaires
3,05 m
5 kN/m²
Pont piétonnier