Caroline bridge - Surinam

The Carolina bridge in Surinam replaced a bridge that was never completed. In 2007 a ship collided with the concrete piers of the bridge under construction and caused unrepairable damage. In 2013 the contract was signed by Ballast Nedam to build a new bridge of 204 meter long and with only one central pier including collision protection.

Janson Bridging was responsible for the design, manufacturing and installation of the steel superstructure. The bridge was installed using the launching method. A custom made launching nose enabled the launching of a continuous span of 2 x 102 meter. Due to the chosen installation method the ongoing shipping was not disturbed.


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Détails du projet

Pont à poutres triangulées
Ballast Nedam International Projects
Number of Bridges
Bridge Length
204 meter
Bridge width
12 meter
Pont à poutres triangulées
  • The Caronina bridge is the 4th fixed link over the Surinam river. 
  • Creating the fixed link river crossing was part of a strategic government plan to further connect the interior of Surinam. 
  • Other bridges over the Surinam river are the Jules Wijdenbosch bridge, the Suralco bridge and the Afobaka connection.