Janson Bridging business ambassador of OXFAM NOVIB

20-04-16 - Besides offering good products and services, our company finds it important to contribute to a world with less poverty. We show that in the words of our mission.

We try to put these words into effect every day. Our bridges improve the accessibility of schools, hospitals and markets worldwide. When natural disasters occur our bridges quickly restore damaged transportation lines. As of 22nd March 2016 we also contribute in another way, namely through our support of the work of OXFAM NOVIB.

OXFAM NOVIB has supported impoverished people in developing countries for many years. It is often impossible for poor people to get a bank loan. This is the reason that OXFAM NOVIB has established a programme for micro credits. Enterprising people in developing nations may get a small credit through this programme. This financial support enables them to start their own business and to earn an independent living. In this way people shape their own and their nation’s future.

We believe in this approach unequivocally and have therefore decided to enter the OXFAM NOVIB programme “Businessmen for businessmen”. Together with OXFAM NOVIB and other companies we want to contribute to a better world.

More information on the programme may be found through the link www.oxfamnovib.nl/help-als-bedrijf